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Safety Supplies

Date: 8/1/2015 4:43:51 AM

Item# Description UOS Pack Price Manufac#
909371 Alarm, Belt With Velcro Closure, Red Loop For Easy Release, 1/Each Each 1/Each 72.4900 Skil-Care
909211 Alarm, Personal Alarm, For Wheelchair Or Bed, 1/Each Each 1/Each 42.5000 Skil-Care
P-700520 ALARM, Protech String Alarm, Economy, 1/Each Each 1/Each 16.9900 - None Specified -
909510 ALARM,MultiPro Alarm Unit Only, No On/Off Switch, 1/Each Each 1/Each 89.9500 Skil-Care
P-700500 ALARMS, PROTECH BASIC ALARM,used for bed or chair, 1 EACH EACH 1/EACH 44.9900 - None Specified -
401010 Bed Rail Padding, Foam-Padded, Vinyl-Covered, 1/Pair Pair 1/Pair 54.4500 Skil-Care
402010 Bed Rail Padding, Synthetic Sheep Skin, 1/Pair Pair 1/Pair 39.9900 Skil-Care
252015 Belt, Gait, Stars and Stripes, With Metal Buckle, 1/Each Each 1/Each 10.1000 Skil-Care
301202 Belt, Wheelchair, Adjusta-Loop Cushion Belt, 1/Each Each 1/Each 12.5500 Skil-Care
701020 Belt, Wheelchair, Econo-Belt, 1/Each Each 1/Each 9.9900 Skil-Care
701010 Belt, Wheelchair, Nylon Belt (Resident-Release), 1/Each Each 1/Each 15.2000 Skil-Care
301270 Belt, Wheelchair, Soft Belt, (Resident-Release), With Side-Release Buckle, 1/Each Each 1/Each 19.9500 Skil-Care
301250 Belt, Wheelchair, Soft Belt, (Resident-Release), With Velcro Closure, 1/Each Each 1/Each 15.9900 Skil-Care
909355 Chair Pro Sensor Pad Alarm Set, 180 Day Sensor, 1/Each Each 1/Each 99.9900 Skil-Care
8210 Door Guard, Mesh Guard With Stop Sign, 1/Each Each 1/Each 34.0500 Posey Company
909207 Econo-Alarm, Skil-Care, 1/Each Each 1/Each 15.5300 Skil-Care
AHS2131069 Eye Wash Saline, 16oz Bottles, 1/Case Case 1/Case 70.6200 - None Specified -
AHS2131070 Eye Wash Saline, Non-Closeable, 32oz Bottles, 1/Each Each 1/Each 25.8300 - None Specified -
VM-6824 Fall Mat, Safety Fall Mat With Anti-Microbial Cover, Beveled Edges, 2X24X64, 1/Each Each 1/Each 69.9900 - None Specified -
911577 Fall Mats, Safe-Side Bedside Fall Mat, W/Beveled Edges, 1X36X68, 1/Each Each 1/Each 109.9000 Skil-Care
6352 Foot Hugger, Posey®, 1/Each Each 1/Each 108.9100 Posey Company
VM-6566 Gait Belt With Metal Buckle, Rainbow, 60", 1/Each Each 1/Each 7.2600 - None Specified -
6531 Gait/Transfer Belt, With Metal Buckle, Pastel Bouquet, 51", 1/Each Each 1/Each 15.9900 Posey Company
HP8250 Heel Pillow, 1/Pair Pair 1/Pair 27.2400 - None Specified -
6116 Heel Pillow, Quilted, Navy Blue, 1/Pair Pair 1/Pair 38.2700 Posey Company
6115L Heel Pillow, Quilted, Pastel Plaid, Large, 1/Pair Pair 1/Pair 68.8500 Posey Company
3350L Jacket, With Sleeves, Large, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.0400 Posey Company
3350M Jacket, With Sleeves, Medium, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.0400 Posey Company
3350S Jacket, With Sleeves, Small, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.0400 Posey Company
3350XL Jacket, With Sleeves, X-Large, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.0400 Posey Company
2810 Mittens, Soft Hand,Flexible, Medium, 1/Pair Pair 1/Pair 46.0300 Posey Company
6528 Navy Blue Gait Belt, With Metal Buckle, 54", 1/Each Each 1/Each 16.0000 Posey Company
909318 OverMattress Sensor Pad, For Use With #909510 MultiPro Safety Alarm, 10X30, 180 Day Pad, 5/Box Box 5/Box 250.0000 - None Specified -
DYKD100EPLF1H Personal Protection Kit, 1/Box Box 1/Box 12.6300 - None Specified -
4411L Proector, Pelvic Holder, Large, 1/Each Each 1/Each 22.8400 Skil-Care
4411M Proector, Pelvic Holder, Medium, 1/Each Each 1/Each 22.8400 Posey Company
P-700401 Protech, Alarm, Protective Boot For String Alarm, 1/Each Each 1/Each 5.9900 - None Specified -
503036 Protector, Heel Float, Large (Bariatric), 1/Each Each 1/Each 51.9500 Skil-Care
3656M Protector, Wheelchair Support, Torso, 54X5, Medium, 1/Each Each 1/Each 37.0800 Posey Company
3656XL Protector, Wheelchair Support, Torso, 72X5, X-Large, 1/Each Each 1/Each 40.2800 Posey Company
3656XXL Protector, Wheelchair Support, Torso, 84X5, XX-Large, 1/Each Each 1/Each 43.0700 Posey Company
909363 Replacemant ChairPro and MultiPro Alarm Units With 180-Day Sensor Pad, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.9800 Skil-Care
MDT825120 Restraint, Wheelchair Waist Belt, Nylon, 1/Each Each 1/Each 11.0500 - None Specified -
5700 Roll Guard, Fleece, 1/Each Each 1/Each 151.6400 Posey Company
7098M Safety Care Floor Mat, One Piece, High Density Foam, 36X66X3, 1/Each Each 1/Each 89.9900 - None Specified -
6021 Safety Floor Cushion, 67X26X1, Two-Tone, 1/Each Each 1/Each 249.6700 Posey Company
909364 Sensor Pad For Wheelchairs, Use With #909510 MultiPro Alarm, 180 Day Pad, 5/Box Box 5/Box 173.5000 - None Specified -
909317 Sensor Pad, Over Mattress Sensor, 180-Day, 10X30, (For Use With 909510), 1/Each Each 1/Each 59.9900 Skil-Care
P-105490 SENSOR PAD, UNIVERSAL 45-DAY BED PAD,USE WITH P-700500 ALARM, 1 EACH EACH 1/EACH 27.9900 - None Specified -
P-105494 SENSOR PAD, UNIVERSAL 45-DAY CHAIR PAD, USE WITH P-700500 ALARM,1 EACH EACH 1/EACH 26.9900 - None Specified -
93030 SENSOR PAD,CHAIR SENSOR PAD, UNIVERSAL, 6 month, 1 EACH EACH 1/EACH 69.9900 - None Specified -
912410 Sensory Stimulation Aids, Fits 16"-18" Wheelchairs, 1/Each Each 1/Each 72.1000 Skil-Care
912420 Sensory Stimulation Pad, 7"X16", 1/Each Each 1/Each 25.2100 Skil-Care
ONEWAY32C Slide Preventer, One Way Side, For All Chair Types, 1/Each Each 1/Each 139.9900 - None Specified -
MDT211218R SLIPPER,DOUBLE TREAD,RED,1 SZ FITS MOST, 48/CASE CASE 48/CASE 59.9900 - None Specified -
VM-9060 Smokers Apron, Blue Pattern, For Use With Wheelchair, 1/Each Each 1/Each 38.9900 - None Specified -
ACCUWL Support Belt, Large, Accu-Back, With Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.5800 JOBRI
ACCUL Support Belt, Large, Accu-Back, Without Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 26.0000 JOBRI
ACCUWM Support Belt, Medium, Accu-Back, With Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.5800 JOBRI
ACCUM Support Belt, Medium, Accu-Back, Without Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 26.0000 JOBRI
ACCUWS Support Belt, Small, Accu-Back, With Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.5800 JOBRI
ACCUS Support Belt, Small, Accu-Back, Without Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 26.0000 JOBRI
ACCUWXL Support Belt, X-Large, Accu-Back, With Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 33.5800 JOBRI
ACCUXL Support Belt, X-Large, Accu-Back, Without Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 26.0000 JOBRI
ACCUWXXL Support Belt, XX-Large, Accu-Back, With Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 34.9100 JOBRI
ACCUXXL Support Belt, XX-Large, Accu-Back, Without Suspenders, 1/Each Each 1/Each 27.4100 JOBRI
6125 Sure Stay Heel Protectors, 1/Pair Pair 1/Pair 20.5300 - None Specified -
6537Q Transfer/Walking Belt, With Quick-Release Buckle, Economy, 1/Each Each 1/Each 42.5100 Posey Company